Dehumidifiers for radiant cooling systems with heat recovery

The dehumidifiers with heat recovery of high efficiency series FHE were designed to provide dehumidification and fresh air in a residential area with very high energy efficiency, combined with radiant cooling systems. The units have been designed to grant the dehumidification either under conditions of thermally neutral air or in terms of air-cooled, managing small air ow thus avoiding annoying tiny air currents typical of traditional air conditioning systems.

The units consist of a direct expansion cooling system combined with a cross ow heat exchanger highly efficient, designed for heat recovery and air exchange environment in compliance with applicable regional and national lows. All units are supplied with double condenser (the first is an air condenser, the second is a water one) and of a logic which allows the dehumidification with neutrum air or with cooled air.

  • PCRL: Remote mechanical hygrostat
  • RGDD:Built in remote electronic temperature humidity sensor
  • INSE: Serial interface card RS485
  • FAEL: High e ciency electronic air lter H10

Main components

  • Frame​
    All units are made from hot-galvanised thick sheet metal, painted with polyurethane powder enamel and stoved at 180°C to ensure the best resistance against the corrosions. The frame is self-supporting with removable panels. The drip tray is made in painted galvanized steel and it is present in all units. The standard colour is RAL 9010.
  • Refrigerant circuit​
    The refrigerant circuit is made by using international primary brands components and according to ISO 97/23 concerning welding procedures. The refrigerant gas used in is R134a.
  • Compressor​
    The compressor is alternative type equipped and thermal overload protection by a klixon embedded in the motor winding. It’s mounted on rubber vibration dampers to reduce the noise.
  • Heat exchangers​
    The heat exchangers are made of copper pipes and aluminium ns. The diameter of the copper pipes is 3/8” and the thickness of the aluminium ns is 0,1 mm.
  • Fans​
    The supply fan is centrifugal type, double inlet with forwards blades, with EC Fan motor directly connected. The exhaust fan is plug fan type with back- wards blades, with EC fan motor directly connected.
  • Air filter​
    Comes with the unit is built in removable lter media summary execution for differentiated waste disposal, G4.
  • Heat recovery​
    Hexagonal crossow regenerator with PVC plates, high efficiency (90%).
  • Adjustment trimmers​
    Used during calibration of fans air ow depending on the ducts pressure drop.
  • Microprocessor​
    All FHE units are supplied with an advanced software for the complete control of the hydronic and air distribution side.


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