Room thermostats

Control Devices

Analog room thermostat with internal microprocessor

Aerfor room thermostats with digital and analogue displays

Aerfor manufactures a series of room thermostats, both touch screen and analog, for regulating the internal temperature and monitoring the energy consumption of heating systems.

Thanks to these intelligent room thermostats, simple and intuitive to use, the user can independently control the climate management in each room, adapting it to their own living comfort standards.


The three lines of room thermostats proposed by Aerfor

  • I-Breath, a touchscreen room thermostat with Wi-Fi preparation, is the Aerfor thermostat that stands out for its modern and innovative design, which makes it suitable for installation in any environment
  • I-Basic, a series of analogue thermostats with microprocessor, which ensure maximum functionality at low cost
  • I-Digit, digital thermostat with blue backlight display, which guarantees maximum comfort and gradual modulation of the output power


Advantages and features of Aerfor room thermostats

Aerfor room thermostats, in addition to ensuring excellent functionality and comfort, allow the management of all ranges of hydronic terminals that are produced by the company.

The I-Basic and I-Digit room thermostats are available both in the slim version (for applications inside the wall) and in the wall version (where it is not possible to apply the flush-mounted box), while I-Breath uses the most recent capacitive touch pad technology, which makes it extremely easy and intuitive to use.