Duct Units


Double panel, high static pressure


Ductable units series

The duct units ideal for small spaces

Aerfor offers two lines of duct units for the air conditioning of environments in civil, commercial and industrial buildings.

The strong point of these appliances is their extremely compact size, which makes installation and maintenance operations very easy and fast, and which allow them to be installed even in cases where there is little space for the installation of the units. ventilation, thanks to their reduced overall volume.

Even if these are compact duct units, Aerfor is committed to maintaining the high quality of performance and great versatility, thanks to the wide range of accessories available.


The models of duct units produced by Aerfor

  • UTW70, medium prevalence duct units, which are characterized by the high practicality derived from the fact that all components are accessible by removing only one panel; these units are available in 4 sizes and in 23 versions with different power
  • UTW150, duct unit available in 6 different models, mainly suitable for air treatment in commercial and industrial environments, equipped with an air filter for VMC class G4