Reverso 361°

Stylish fan coil, as customizable as your environment. Performance and efficiency at the top of the category.

Reverso 361°

OCTOPUS: all in one solution

OCTOPUS by Aerfor is the new professional air conditioning system that is ideal for heating, cooling, domestic hot water and controlled mechanical ventilation.

Especially designed for residential buildings and offices, the OCTOPUS system consists of the Octopus unit, a VMC air conditioner with integrated high efficiency heat recovery (up to 90%).

  • Heating


  • Cooling


  • VMC Dual Flow

    VMC Dual Flow


With OCTOPUS from Aerfor, all in one product

Very high energy efficiency complete air conditioning system

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The Aerfor product range

Designed primarily for an international market, Aerfor products are the result of decades of experience in the field of air treatment

The company

AERFOR born from the initiative of professionals in airconditioningwho knowby heart the design, construction and marketing of equipment for air treatment, beginning with fancoils and ending with chillers and heat pumps for modern centralized systems.

The fundamental objective is to provide customers the knowledge acquired in the field to interpret the different technical needs andoffer cost effective solutions with inventiveness and creativity to improve the standard of living.
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Why choose Aerfor

  • Constant research of innovative solutions for energy saving
  • 360° product management, design, production, sale and repair
  • Flexibility and creativity characterize our sophisticated products

X_0 Software

X_0 Software

The best way to choose the unit you need!  

The software allows you to have a table of cooling and heating performance in relation to the air temperature, relative humidity and the temperature of the water supplied by chillers / boilers / heat pumps in your condition!

Request our software X_0 now!

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