Controlled Mechanical Ventilation


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Heat recovery and dehumidification with controlled mechanical ventilation

Controlled mechanical ventilation have become an essential component in both new buildings and renovations, given the importance that indoor air quality has acquired in recent times.

Aerfor's range of products for controlled mechanical ventilation includes various solutions for controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and with heat recovery and dehumification, suitable for installations in both residential and commercial environments, which guarantee correct air exchange and ensure the housing well-being.


Duct units with heat recovery

Controlled mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery are the most efficient among those on the market, since thanks to them the intake air does not need to be heated, and the internal temperatures remain constantly comfortable.

Aerfor produces three ranges of CMV units with heat recovery:

  • Areha
  • Revhe
  • Rechp


Duct units with heat recovery and dehumidification

The controlled mechanical ventilation units equipped with a heat recovery unit that also perform the dehumidification function are very useful in radiant cooling systems, as they allow to avoid the presence of humidity in the environment and the formation of condensation on the floor.

Aerfor offers two types of CMV units with heat recovery and dehumidification:

  • FHE
  • GHE