Hydronic Units



Fancoil REVERSO 361° Luxury hydronic intelligence

High Wall

Hydronic High-Wall Fan Coil


Luft water cassettes are air distribution units designed for "invisible" false ceiling installations.


The best results in terms of performance and noise level


Low noise series


Flexi Hydronic Cassette


Auxiliary Coil High Performances System


MAEX fan coils are designed to be installed in buildings located in maritime areas, which are equipped with high quality finishes and an excellent level of silence.

The structure of these fan coils is made of galvanized sheet painted with epoxy powders that make the product very resistant to aggressive agents typical of the sea areas, and is equipped with a feed grid in fire-retardant plastic and suction grid frontal, always in galvanized sheet painted with epoxy powders, easily removable for filter inspection and maintenance.

Energy saving and environmental well-being with Aerfor hydronic fan coils

Aerfor offers a wide range of hydronic units that ensure thermal comfort and that are distinguished from other products by their extremely low noise and energy efficiency.

The elegant shapes, the design and the ability to place them on a high wall allow the installation of these fan coils in any environment, both inside residential and commercial buildings.


The models of hydronic terminals produced by Aerfor

  • Reverso, hydronic unit with an ultra-modern design, without front suction grilles, super quiet compared to other products available on the market, available in different configurations
  • High Wall, water-based fan coil with an elegant profile, which combines efficiency, silence and aesthetics, equipped with a standard EC motor for low electrical absorption; maintenance operations are facilitated by the accessibility to components by simply opening the front panel
  • Fipa, super silent hydronic fan coil, equipped with brushless motors with low acoustic comfort, suitable for environments where it is necessary to ensure the absence of noise; it can be installed both vertically and horizontally
  • Fnl, very quiet built-in water fan coil, made with components resistant to bacteria and molds which ensures maximum healthiness; it is suitable for installation in hotels, hospitals, offices and homes
  • AC & EC cassette, compact hydronic boxes, ideal for installation in false ceilings in rooms with rather limited spaces and which have particular aesthetic needs