Dehumidifier with heat recovery


MVHR unit with dehumidification


Dehumidification unit with heat recovery


Very high energy efficiency complete air conditioning system

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The CMV units of Aerfor catalog have been designed to ensure the renewal and quality of indoor air and perfect dehumidification in residential environments where radiant cooling systems are installed. The dehumidifier with heat recovery manages very small air flows, and in this way avoids the annoying air currents that are typically generated with traditional air conditioning systems.

All the units are equipped with double condensers (one air and one water), which ensure very high efficiency, cross-flow heat recovery units and direct expansion refrigeration circuit.

CMV Aerfor units with heat recovery and dehumidification

  • FHE, CMV with heat recovery and dehumidification with structure capable of resisting atmospheric agents
  • GHE, CMV with heat recovery and dehumidification for ceiling installation