Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

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Rechp, Cross-flow heat recovery unit

The new cross-flow heat recovery units RECHP are dedicated to 100% replacement of room air and its thermal treatment.

They are designed and developed to satisfy four different typical needs of residential and commercial applications:
1.the 100% replacement of room air
2.the energy saving by using a heat recovery system
3.the optimisation of the replacement air heat loads, by a fully automatic microprocessor controlled heat pump system; in particular, the function of heat recovery system increases the e cieny in both cooling and heating performances, ensuring therefore excellent saving in operating costs
4.the optimisation of room heat loads.

RECHP, cross-flow heat recovery units, works with 100% fresh air with total cooling capacity from 5,4 to 23,5kW and total heating capacity from 8,9 to 40,4kW.

  • Total cooling capacity from 5,4 to 23,5kW
  • Total heating capacity from 8,9 to 40,4kW.

Main components

  • Frame
    Prepainted frame and fully removable sandwich panels with 20 mm thickness polyethylene/polyester thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Heat recovery
    High efficiency cross ow heat recovery, aluminum heat exchanger plates with supplementary sealing
  • Stainless steel drain tray
    stainless steel drain tray, extended to all the cooling/heating components and heat insulated, complete with water trap
  • Filters
    G4 efficiency class synthetic cell filters
  • Fans
    Single speed double inlet forward curved fans, matched with electronic speed regulator or supplied with built-in frequency converter motors
  • Heat pump refrigeration system
    Heat pump refrigeration system (R410A) composed of scroll hermetic compressor, Cu-Al evaporator and condenser coils
  • Biflow thermostatic valve, 4-way valve for cycle inversion, overpressure safety valve, high and low pressure 
  • Liquid separator and receiver
  • Internal electrical board for supplying all the electrical powers​
  • Room, outside and frost temperature sensors
  • Microprocessor control
    for fully automatic management of room temperature, free-cooling, heating/cooling mode and defrost cycles
  • Display
    Display for setting and for visualizing sensor and set-point temperature values, connected up to 20 m distance from unit board.

Rechp is suitable for these applications:



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