Hydronic Units


This innovative system gives the possibility to use the fancoil of the FNL, FIPA and CASSETTE series with one single coil in a 4 pipe system.

By this way the main coil with 4 rows can receive water from the system at lower temperature than usual for getting an equivalent or even higher capacity.

For instance the feeding water temperature can be 45°C instead of the usual 70-60°C with a relevant energy saving.

The system ACHPS, with its combination of special valves, provides also the by-pass of the water in the fancoil maintaining a constant pressure in the system. The system could be used with all the thermostats in the market, thank to the special actuators with dedicated micro.

For keeping cooling and heating water circuits indipendent, it is necessary to use and close the shut valves in case of maintenance.

  • Energy Saving
  • -25/30% bill cost less


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