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Luft, water cassettes

Designed to ensure high performance with maximum silence. Luft cassettes are available in a wide range of models, with AC and EC motors, with 2 or 4 pipes. With its both Square and Rectangular versions, Luft is an extremely versatile cistern that can be adapted to any type of request.

Also available with Coanda Effect panel with which the air is diffused into the room by vents on 4 sides which make the air jet adhere to the ceiling.

Main components

  • Structure
    The structure of the Luft is totally made of galvanized sheet metal with 8 mm class 1 fireproof insulation, soundproofing to avoid the formation of condensation and corrosion. An opening is arranged on the side of the machine for a possible external air intake.
  • Air diffusion panel
    The air diffusion panel is made up of elements in die-cast, heat-resistant and self-extinguishing white RAL 9003 ABS. To facilitate internal maintenance, the central return grille is equipped with rotation locks that allow easy opening. The delivery vents equipped with adjustable flow direction fins are positioned on the side.
  • Coanda air diffusion panel
    With Coanda effect, easy to open to allow maintenance activities in white metal RAL 9003, the intake grille is central, the air is diffused into the environment by vents on 4 sides which, thanks to the Coanda effect, make the jet adhere air to the ceiling
  • AC motor fan
    External rotor type consisting of balanced radial impeller with ABS backward blades and 3-speed motor, IP21 protection, class B, V230±10/1/50-60Hz.
  • EC fan motor
    External rotor type consisting of balanced radial impeller with ABS backward blades and EC electronic commutation motor with integrated electronic board, V230±10/1/50-60Hz regulation 2_10 Vdc.
  • Filter
    In 3 mm thick resistant plastic material, class EU2-G2-M2. The FLA1 and FLA2 filters are enclosed in a galvanized sheet profile, easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Coil
    Water coil in copper tube, high efficiency aluminum fins with hydrophilic treatment, available for 2-pipe systems (2, 3 or 4R cold/hot) and for 4-pipe systems (2 or 3R cold and 1 hot row) . Complete with sturdy DN ¾” and DN ¾+¾” Female Gas manifolds (2-pipe and 4-pipe systems) and manual vent and drain valve. Maximum operating pressure 10 Bar, operating temperature min 4°C - max 80°C. o VAL2, DN 16 mm condensate drain, in ABS.


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