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Cassette AC and EC, Hydronic cassette units

The Hydronic cassette units are fancoil units suitable for installation in a false ceiling. Units are available with engine at low energy consumption (EC version) or with standard motor (AC version). The units are also available for 2 and 4 pipe sy-stem.

The dimensions of these Hydronic cassette units are very compact if compared with similar units having same performances and this allows the installation in places where the space is limited. The maintenance is facilitated by the fact that all components are accessible removing only the frontal panel.

  • Cooling capacity ranging from 1,4 to 11,5 kW
  • Pair ow ranging from 200 to 2250m3/h
  • Heating capacity ranging from 1,6 to 14 kW.

Main components

  • Application
    The Hydronic cassette units are fancoil units suitable for installation in a false ceiling. Their attractive is suitable for the most sophisticated environments where requirements for silence and high performances are the most important features
  • Fan
    Three-speed + Autofan motor, optimised for silent operation.
  • Structure and housing
    The front panel is made of plastic reinforced with breglass. The internal unit frame is in galvanized sheet.
  • Filter
    Nylon lter: quickly removable, washable and renewable. Antibacterial and anti smell lter (optional)
  • Plastic front panel
    The colour is RAL 9010
  • Heat exchanger​
    • Standard heating/cooling coil made in copper pipes and aluminum fins.
    • Air vent valve included.
  • Drip trays​
    • Made in plastic
    • Auxiliary drip tray is standard and always in plastic for valve and external pipe condense containing.
  • Insulation​
    The insulation is re-retardant.
  • Configuration
    Side holes allow auxiliary distribution and the intake of external air. 
  • Valves​
    The Hydronic cassette units can be equipped with ON/OFF 3way/4doors valve (with by-pass) or 2way/2doors valve.
  • Condesate drain pump​ 
    • All units are equipped with discharging pump activated by a oat. Maximum head 500 mm.
    • Alarm signal in case of pump alarm as standard.


 Optional EC motor for low electrical absorption
Optional EC motor for low electrical absorption

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