FNL and installation in hotels: the importance of respecting the minimum noise threshold

FNL and installation in hotels: the importance of respecting the minimum noise threshold

Each system in the field of air treatment solutions is designed thinking about the characteristics of the building and the IEQ, Indoor Environmental Quality, the set of all those characteristics such as indoor air quality, thermal, acoustic and visual elements that determine the overall comfort of those who usually live in those spaces.

In the case of hotels, this meticulous system design is of even more capital importance, because those who go to a hotel often expect a very high level of comfort, such as to allow for a pleasant stay.

For this reason, the noise threshold in the rooms must be below certain thresholds and, as regards air conditioning and air treatment, lower than that established by the DPCM 12/5/1997 "Determination of the passive acoustic requirements of buildings" and at the same time guarantee optimal comfort for those who, for leisure or work, reside in the rooms even for a short period.

This is why we at Aerfor have choosen to offer our FNL line for installation in some hotels in Germany and Switzerland, a series of silent made in Italy fan coils with certified acoustic performance and compliant with the required standards with very low noise emission, minimum compared to products of the same category.

For our customers, however, we have also chosen a customization of the standard FNL line, artfully tailored to their needs, proposing a version with two-way valves, 4-pipe system and condensate drain pump to obtain maximum performance and a high heating and cooling capacity, always respecting the comfort of the residents.

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