Tower, the new model of the Reverso 361° family

Tower, the new model of the Reverso 361° family

Aerfor has always invested in the development and innovation of its product range in order to meet the needs and requirements of its customers.

With these assumptions we are happy to present Tower, the new model of the Reverso 361° family.

The idea of ​​the Tower was born from the need to create a fan coil suitable for any environment, even where space is extremely limited.

In fact, Tower, with its thin and elongated line, allows it to be positioned in any corner of the house. With just 12 cm across the entire height, like all the models in the Reverso 361 series, it allows you maximum installation flexibility in every area of ​​the house.

Silent and imperceptible thanks to the innovative ventilation system with which it is equipped, Reverso Tower guarantees minimum silence below the audible threshold of 20dB(A), thus ensuring maximum comfort inside your home.

Reverso Tower also guarantees low energy consumption.

Thanks to the innovative ventilation system, Tower improves the performance of the battery by working at negative pressure, a system that allows the absence of front intake grills and making it even more pleasing to the eye.

A top in its category that combines the elegance and linearity of the shapes with very low consumption and exceptional thermal output. The adoption of advanced home automation allows remote control of the entire network, both domestic, hotel and work environments, via an app.

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