Octopus System protagonist of the New Residences 4.4

Octopus System protagonist of the New Residences 4.4

Octopus System is the protagonist of Immobiliare Advantage's New Residences 4.4 a few steps from the center of Dolo!

The 4.4 Residences were designed, built and built with a careful eye on thermo-hygrometric comfort, the healthiness of the indoor environments and the quality of the environment. Precisely for this reason Immobiliare Advantage has chosen Octopus System!

The OCTOPUS Integral Air Conditioning system is the ideal solution for those who want an all-in-one product that allows Heating, Conditioning, Dehumidifying and Rechanging the Air of the entire home.

OCTOPUS System is there, but you can't see or hear it!

Its ultra-silent operation, the attention to acoustic aspects, both in terms of insulation and technological solutions, make it possible to reduce noise, a feature that makes it suitable for installation in private homes, where noise pollution is often a problem which can cause adverse health effects.

With OCTOPUS System you always have pure air!

Octopus allows you to Rechange the air inside your home by recovering and expelling the stale air and the Radon gas present in the room thanks to its VMC double flow system. In addition, the SANITIZED certified antibacterial tubes of which Octopus is made reduce the proliferation of bacteria.

Our customers choose OCTOPUS System because it is ideal for those looking for the best living comfort and a high level of energy efficiency, all in an invisible and silent system.

Watch the YouTube Video on OCTOPUS System and find out more!

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