What is Radon Gas and how can Aerfor help you?

What is Radon Gas and how can Aerfor help you?

What is Radon Gas and how can Aerfor help you?

Radon is a natural, colorless and tasteless radioactive gas, generated by the decomposition of metals such as uranium and radium present in rocks and soil. According to the most recent statistics, radon is one of the best-known causes of lung cancer, the second after smoking.

How do we come into contact with each other?

Radon gas is 8 times heavier than air and this chemical inertia allows it to spread and accumulate more easily in homes, entering through cracks in walls and floors, from basements and from spaces around pipes.

Why is it harmful to health?

The decay products of radon gas are easily deposited on the walls of the bronchi and lungs and within about half an hour they decay, emitting ionizing radiation that can hit and damage the DNA of cells.

Two studies published in Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology, demonstrate that prolonged contact with this pollutant, in addition to causing cancer, is also associated with an increased risk of stroke, particularly in women.

How to improve the air quality in your home?

In most cases the simplest and most effective way to obtain a good improvement in indoor air is to ventilate. Therefore ventilate the rooms frequently to promote internal air exchange.

If this is not possible then we can rely on Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems such as the Octopus System by Aerfor.

Octopus by Aerfor is an eco-sustainable air conditioning and controlled mechanical ventilation system suitable for operation with a heat pump, with which it is possible to heat, cool and exchange the air while recovering energy.

With the Octopus System by Aerfor your home will be healthier thanks to the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system which sucks internal air from the rooms where air exchange is needed, introducing new filtered air.

Watch the video and discover how Octopus can improve the comfort of your home.

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