Duct Units



The ventilation units of medium pressure series UTW70 have been studied to grant easy installation and maintenance. The dimensions are very compact if compared with analogous units giving same performances and this allows the installation in places where the space is limited.

The maintenance is facilitated by the fact that all components are accessible removing only one panel. A wide range of options and accessories and the possibility to customize the product during project, assembly and installation gives to the series UTW70 versatility.

  • Cooling capacity ranging from 2,1 kW to 50.
  • Air ow ranging from 500 m3/h to 7900
  • Heating capacity ranging from 3 to 109 kW.

Main components

  • Structure
    • The structure of UTW70 ventilation unit is made of galvanized metal sheet. Drain pan is realized in galvanized metal sheet painted with epoxy powders in function of extra protection against corrosion.
    • In addition the drain pan has been designed with a pro le that avoids the accumulation of the condensate.
  • Fan
    Direct drive fan, forward blades made in galvanized steel, impeller dynamically and statically balanced.
  • Filter​
    Panel lter type class G3, washable and renewable.
  • Option​
    Class G5 also available.
  • Heat exchanger​
    •  Standard heating/cooling coil made in copper pipes and aluminum ns.
    • Air vent valve included.
  • Drip trays
    • Made in galvanized metal sheet and painted.
    • Auxiliary drip tray in galvanized steel, yielding the condensates dripping from headers and valves.
  • Configuration​ 
    • Ceiling mounted type for concealed installation, with rear suction and horizontal air outlet.
    • Wall vertical mounted type, concealed, with frontal suction and vertical or horizontal air outlet.
  • Control of the unit​ 
    • The ductable unit UTW70 can be equipped with two di erent type of control systems.
    • Controlled in room by thermostat.
    • Controlled by PLC, remote, through a bus line.
  • Valves​ 
    • The fancoil can be equipped with 3way or 2way valve complete with actuator for ON-OFF or proportional control.
    • All models are equipped with terminal box


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