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UTW 150D, ventilation units

UTW 150D ventilation units are designed and built for those applications in which a minimum amount of space is the most important factor when realizing an air-conditioning system. The series offers 6 models and a wide range of accessories that permits many air treatments for a lot of home, commercial and industrial appli- cations. The easy installation, large exibility and high quality of the product complete the features of the series. The base unit is supplied with G4 lter.

Main components

  • Frame
    The frame of these ventilation units are made from steel pro les and the panels are sandwich type, with thermal and acoustic insulation in mineral wool (10 mm thickness for 10 to 40 model, 20 mm thickness for 50 and 60 models). The panels are pre- painted galvanized steel outside, galvanized steel inside, supplied with gripping seals xed to the frame by steel screws.
  • Section
    The base filtering section is composed of a plain filter, 48 mm thickness, with regenerable ltering media 100% polyester ber, G4 e ciency according to UNI EN 779:2012 (Eurovent EU4, average degree of separation (Am) ≥ 90%), self-extinguishing (class M1 - DIN 53438). The water heat exchanger coils are Cu tubes and Al ns type. The aluminum condensate drain tray is easily remo- vable from the bottom without disassembling the unit.
  • Fans
    Fans are centrifugal double inlet forward curved blades directly coupled to a multispeed electric motor. Fans comply with the requirements for the year 2013 of the ErP Directive 2009/125/EC, according to the regulation 327/2011. The electronic connection panel is supplied entirely cabled and is tted with a relay board to control fan input power.


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