With Octopus you can say goodbye to the harmful radon gas

 With Octopus you can say goodbye to the harmful radon gas

Radon is a natural gas present in the soil and in almost all buildings, since it is found in some materials with which our houses are built. But while outdoors is dispersed in the air remaining at very low concentrations, in enclosed spaces can be so concentrated as to become harmful to our health.

According to a study by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, in fact, radon is not only responsible for half of the radiation that we absorb during our lives, but also causes about 10% of the 41,500 new cases of lung cancer that are recorded each year. in our country.

Octopus allows you to significantly reduce the risk of exposure to radon in your home thanks to the efficient double flow controlled mechanical ventilation system which is equipped, which introduces clean air into the environment recovering the heat of the expelled air.

The ideal solution for high-energy homes, the perfect alternative to protect your health!

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