REVERSO 361°: An innovative fan coil in the world of air conditioning.

REVERSO 361°: An innovative fan coil in the world of air conditioning.

It is the thinnest, like no other; and it is reversible with a finger

Aerfor invests in technology and innovation with a line of design fan coils suitable for any environment, even the most demanding in terms of performance and energy savings.
All in just 12 centimeters, Reverso is the world's thinnest fan coil. In its super compact dimensions it achieves record-breaking performance and minimizes noise beyond the threshold of hearing.

Reverso is sturdy because it is built with durable materials that are not perishable in light or heat-deformable. It is therefore reliable because it keeps its performance over time. It respects the environment because it uses modern DC inverter technology limiting consumption to just a few Watts. Its design without front intake grilles ensures better exchange efficiency thanks to negative pressure. It is available in four ranges.

Reverso High Wall

Created for high wall installation, the Reverso HW allows easy installation and maintenance. Available in three sizes each of them with eight speed it is controlled via wifi by a smartphone for quick and intuitive management of the functions.

Reverso Floor Standing

Reverso FS is the hydronic fan coil for low wall and horizontal ceiling installation. It can be mounted both right and left . Available in four sizes with thermal power between 0,5 and 4,7 kW, with a depth of only 12 centimeters. Reverso Floor Standing ensures cooling, heating and dehumidification of your home, with an energy consumption of only 4 Watts. Last but not least an accurate air filtration with a pleated stainless steel long life filter.

Reverso SM

Designed for maximum flexibility during installation thanks to both right-handed and left-attacks, Reverso SM is the low body version, which with its reduced height, allows any type of installation where the space is  limited. It is available in four sizes with modular heat output.

Reverso Bathroom

Reverso BT is unique. It has been specifically designed for bathrooms but it can easily fit  behind a door. A one-size fan coil, with eight speed and easy management thanks to the control via smartphone.

A top in its category combining elegance and linearity of forms with very low consumption and an exceptional thermal output. The adoption of an advanced domotics allows, via an app, remote control of the entire network, both domestic and hotel and work environments.

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