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High Wall
High Wall

High Wall, high wall fan coil

This high wall fan coil is designed to meet and exceed demanding requirements for efficiency, quiet operation and good looks. The sleek profile and elegantly styled cabinet complements any interior design theme, and the microprocessor assures accurate environmental control.

The maintenance of the high wall fan coil is facilitated by the fact that all components are accessible opening the frontal panel. Possibility to use in association with infrared handset control or with wall pad.

  • Cooling capacity ranging from 1.68 kW to 4.38
  • Air flow ranging from 290 m3/h to 876
  • Heating capacity ranging from 1.98 kW to 5.3.

Main components

  • Cabinet​
    The cosmetically attractive cabinet of the high wall fan coil is constructed of durable flame resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) plastic. The silver white color and rounded corners provide its contemporary appearance.
  • Water Coil​
    The water coil has a large heat transfer surface and utilizes the latest technology in fin profile. It combines an advanced technology approach with the security of a traditional tube thickness design. The water coil is also equipped with an air vent valve and a water purge valve.
  • Integral Hoses​
    an integral hose is a synthetic elastomer tube, with stainless steel outer braiding and brass connectors, which enables quick, low cost connections with no brazing.
  • Air Grille Distribution​
    all high wall fan coils are equipped with both deflector blades and independent directional vanes, enabling supply air to be automatically distributed, and air flow and direction customized.
  • Microprocessor Control​


Standard EC fan motor for low power input
Standard EC fan motor for low power input

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